Call for paper October 2017.

Current Issue - Volume 6 Issue 10 October 2017

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Effect of Speed Breaks on Vehicle Dynamics and Ride Comfort
Sabry Allam, Fathy Nader, M. Rabea

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

01-09 aned

Line Follower Robot for Industrial Manufacturing Process
Abhijit Pathak, Refat Khan Pathan, Amaz Uddin Tutul, Nishat Tahsin Tousi, Afsari Sultana Rubaba, Nahida Yeasmin Bithi

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

10-17 aned

An Intuitive Approach for Generating a Class of Fractal Images using L-System String
Ramakanta Bhoi, Supriya Lenka, Sarojananda Mishra

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

18-37 aned

Comparison of Water Quality Parameters for Ganga and Pandu River in Kanpur
Sunita Verma, Divya Tiwari, Ajay Verma

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

38-41 aned





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