IJEI Governing Boards:

Editor-In-Chief :

Professor Biman Bagchi (IISC, Banglore)

Executive Editorial Board :-

  • Dr, Sebastian Johnson, Australia
  • Dr. Prof Amelia White, USA
  • Dr. Benjamin Robinson, USA
  • Dr. Zachery Edwards, New Zealand
  • Dr. Alejandra Plamer, Italy
  • Dr. Fletcher Ramero, Nigeria
  • Dr. Barrett Hale, Germany
  • Dr. Webster, South Africa

Associate Board Member :-

  • Professor Amalendu Chandra ( IIT Kanpur)
  • Professor N. Chandrakumar (IIT Chennai)
  • Professor P. K. Chattaraj (IIT Kharagpur)
  • Professor B. M. Deb (S. N. Bose Institute Kolkatta)
  • Professor M. S. Gopinathan (IISER Trivendrum)
  • Professor S. K. Ghosh (BARC, Mumbai)
  • Professor R. V. Hosur (TIFR, Mumbai)
  • Professor E. D. Jemmis (IISER Trivendrun)
  • Professor D. G. Kanhere (University of Pune)
  • Professor G. Mehata (IISC Banglore)
  • Professor Manoj K. Mishra (IIT, Bombay)
  • Professor Debashis Mukharjee (IACS Kolkatta)
  • Professor Sourav Pal (NCL, Pune)
  • Professor V. N. R. Pillai (IGNU, New Delhi)
  • Professor T. Ramasami (DST, New Delhi)
  • Professor S. Ramasesha (IISC Banglore)
  • Professor R. Ramaswami (JNU, New Delhi)
  • Professor K. L. Sebastian (IISC, Banglore)
  • Professor N. Sathyamurthy (IISER Mohali)
  • Professor K. D. Sen (University of Hydrabad)
  • Professor B. L. Tembe (IIT Bombay)

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International Journal of Engineering Inventions (IJEI) provides a multidisciplinary passage for researchers, managers, professionals, practitioners and students around the globe to publish high quality, peer-reviewed articles on all theoretical and empirical aspects of Engineering and Science.

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