Volume 7 ~ Issue 5 ~ Version - 1 (May 2018)



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Virtual Solution for Network Data Crowding In Mobile Ad Hoc Network
T.R.Muhibur Rahman, Dr. Nagaraj B. Patil

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

01-03 aned

Selection of Linear Mixed Models to Estimate the Amount of Zinc (Kg/Ha) On Jalo Bean
Michele Barbosa, Leila Maria Ferreira, Laís Mesquita Silva, Augusto Ramalho De Moraes

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

04-09 aned

Exploring GAPIT Package Features with Simulated Genomic Data
Michele Barbosa, Leila Maria Ferreira, Fernando Ribeiro Cassiano, Laís Mesquita Silva, Thelma Sáfadi

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

10-13 aned

Frequency of Different Tillageimplements onwheat Seed Bed Preparation Affect Its Yield
Ammara Khan, Muhammad Saleem, Abdul Rehman, Babar Hassan

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

14-17 aned

Developing A Wireless Communication System For The Ksu Biological And Agricultural Engineering Ag Drone Robot
Jacob Schwindt, Dr Daniel Flippo, Dr Ajay Sharda

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

18-24 aned

An Ultraviolet Halitosis Detection Using An Open-Path Optical Fibre Based Sensor
K. Suzalina, H. Manap

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

25-30 aned

BIND Battery: Novel Hybrid Battery That Utilizes Mutual Autonomous Control between Lithium-Ion Battery and Lead-Acid Battery
Tomohiko Matoba, Naoyoshi Kachi, Kazunari Kobayashi, Hisashi Tsukamoto

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

31-45 aned

Procedure for Technical Analysis of the Cause of Volvo FH 12 Road-Train Trailer Gearbox Failure
Ján Mandelík

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

46-54 aned

Chemical Reaction and Soret Effects on Unsteady MHD Free Convective Flow past a Vertical Porous Plate Embedded In a Porous Medium in a Slip Flow Regime
A.Mythreye, K.S.Balamurugan

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

55-60 aned

Investigation of Color Removal of Sunflower Oil Industrial Wastewater with Fenton Process
Sefika Kaya, Yeliz Asci

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

61-65 aned

A Model for Rural Road Network Development in Hilly Regions of Nepal
Jagat Kumar Shrestha

ijei 7461-XXXX aned 08.7461/XXXX

66-70 aned





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